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APPLE-HogarthWorldWide (2018-Present) Software:Maya/Vray and Nuke

Lighting and Compositing for Apple product line

TANGENT ANIMATION STUDIO (2017-2018) Software:Blender/Cycles Lighting and Compositing Lead for “Next Gen” A Netflix film release

NITROGEN STUDIOS (2015-2016) Software: Maya (Arnold) Nuke Lighting and Compositing for “Sausage Party”

ATOMIC FICTION (2014-2015) Software: Katana (Vray) Lighting for opening sequence “Deadpool”

BARJOUN ENTERTAINMENT DUBAI (2013-2014) Software: Mari, Arnold, Nuke, Photoshop, Maya Lighting and Look Development Supervisor for the animated movie “Bilal”

TOONBOX ENTERTAINMENT (2013) Software: Maya, Renderman, Nuke Lighting and Compositing for the movie “The Nut Job”

SONY IMAGEWORKS (2011-2013) Software: Katana, Nuke, Arnold Global Illumination Renderer Lighting and Compositing “Arthur Christmas”, “Spiderman IV”, ”Smurfs II”, “Cloudy II”

Lighting and Compositing for the movies “Christmas Carol” and “Mars Needs Moms”

DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION (2006-2008) Software: Renderman,Proprietiery Key Lighter for the movies “Meet the Robinsons” and “Bolt”

Lighting and Compositing for the movies “Haunted Mansion” and “Polar Express”

CINESITE (2000-2003) Software: Maya, Renderman, Slim, Shake
Lighting for Cerebro sequence for XMEN II
Lighting Supervisor (Promeththeus and Athena space ships) for “Solaris” Lighting for elevator shaft in “Oceans Eleven”
Lead Lighter for Bridge and Factory in “Mothman Prophecies”
Lighting Supervisor for robot AMEE in “Red Planet”
Lighting and animator for Police Gun sequence in “Xmen”

DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION (1996-1999) Software: Maya, Softimage, Renderman, Illusion Lighting and Compositing Technical Director for “Dinosaur”

BOSS FILM (1993-1996) Software: Kinemation, Ultimatte, Renderman, Elastic Reality CG supervisor for the movie “The Scout”
CG supervisor for the commercials “Bud Japan Baseball” and “Bud Japan Shuttle” Technical Director for movies “Outbreak”, “Drop Zone” and “Species”

VISION ART (1989-1993)
“Deep Space Nine”: Title“ Star Trek Next Generation”: animated blob creature “That Time of the Month” and “Mastergate” cable movie Design and Animation


California Institute of the Arts (1983-1986); Master of Fine Arts in Animation Pratt Institute (1980-1983) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing/Illustration